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In manufacturing interior decor fabrics, many different fibers are used - sometimes only one kind in the textile, but at other times 2 or more will be blended.

Removing stains from one type of fiber may be 100% successful, but from others may be impossible - all spots & stains cannot be removed. Certain staining materials contain dyes that will dye fabric fibers but other staining materials will have properties that will remove color from a fiber.

The longer stains remain on fabrics, the more permanent they become and might cause a condition which would prevent removal - even by a professional cleaner. The time to take care of spills or spots is right after the accident or as soon as possible.

Untreated spills & spots will, with time, become hidden by soil, but after the fabric is cleaned the forgotten stain will reappear to the owner's displeasure.

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"Between the pet dander and our children's
allergies, we were miserable!
Now that Carpet Care by Stephen David
has cleaned all of our air ducts,
we can breathe easy again!"
- Sally, Harford County

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