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To prevent permanent stains:

a) Immediately blot up spills, using a clean white absorbent material (tissue, napkins, towels, etc.).

b) Pre-test spot removal formulas in an inconspicuous area of fabric. Put a few drops of formula on each color in the textile and, using your white absorbent material, hold it against each color; count to ten; then examine the results. If the dye has bled into the absorbent material, or if there has been a change in the colored area, call a professional cleaner for advice.

c) Do not overwet. Always use small quantities of removal solutions especially on upholstery fabrics. Blot frequently - do not rub or brush. Excessive friction may distort the pile.

d) Work from the outer edges towards the center of the stain.

e) Have patience - some stains respond slowly.

f) Remember, haphazard attempts at spot removal may result in indelible stains and/or permanent damage to fabrics. Do not use scouring cleansers or anything containing bleaches. Never use lighter fluids, lacquer thinners or gasoline.


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